In 2016 we will focus on the beauty and richness of Renaissance art and culture, which continues to inspire us even in today’s contemporary, hi-tech society.  We take our inspiration from noted Renaissance masters including Sandro Boticelli & Simonetta Vespucci.  Look for Renaissance inspiration throughout the 2016 Italian Festival!


The Festival offers a wide variety of delicious and authentic Italian food specialties. Experience a virtual tour of Italy during your visit by dining in one of our many outdoor eateries.


Find out exactly when and where your favorite band will be playing or come check out all four stages as you sample the food in each cafe.


June 12-19th 2016
1st Sun 2:00 – 10:30pm
Mon-Fri  5:30 – 10:30pm
Sat 2:00 – 10:30pm
2nd Sun 2:00 – 8:30pm
901 N Dupont St.
Wilmington, DE 19805